Spring Break(s) '98

While these very graphic pictures are loading, I'll tell you what happened on our Spring Break.
I say 'our' because I became involved sort of unexpectedly.  You see, Brad was living in San Antonio so he could finish his senior year of high school at Madison.  He and a friend wanted to come to Florida for Spring Break which was great.  They behaved themselves all week long, actually coming in early most every night.  We'll, I guess they saved the best for last, because after staying out all night on Friday and without any sleep, they decided to head back to San Antonio.  BIG MISTAKE.

An hour and a half after leaving Crestview, Brad's friend Ben (the driver) decided he would see if he could catch a couple of winks (while driving) and found this is nearly impossible.  He realized this when he was suddenly awakened after hearing the tires leave the pavement and hit the grass and dirt.  This at over 60 miles per hour.  He tried to get the truck back onto the road, but the oversize tires dug in and then the truck went where it wanted to-end over end over end over end....at least 5 times they rolled.

Brad and Ben were both Life-Flighted to Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida.  Ben faired much better than Brad as he was released later the same day with only a few stitches and a lot of cuts and bruises.
Brad spent the first couple of days in Surgical Intensive Care diagnosed with 4 breaks in his neck, a broken scapula, and only minimal use of his right arm.  This because his arm was thrown outside the window of the truck and when the truck finally stopped, it was on top of Brad's right arm.

Now check out the pictures and then if your curious about how it all turned out, click on the Hypertext link to see.

Toyota truck that rolled over 5 times

Not much left of this truck

LifeFlight helicopter from Baptist Hospital


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