Family Recipes
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Family recipes.  Those that are always talked about at family get togethers.
Here is a small collection of our favorites that have been passed down from
generation to generation and some that are modern day using 'old time' methods
for making.  Please feel free to pass them along as we feel they are something
special.  All we ask is to give credit where credit is due.

Mike's Chocolate Chip Cookies  Invented and sold at The Sandwich Shoppe.
Mike's Oatmeal Cookies            Invented and sold at The Sandwich Shoppe.
Kathy's Sweet Potato Casserole  The 'other' version made at Thanksgiving.
Aunt Alices' Spiced Pecans         Always made during the Holiday Season.
Memaw's Banana Nut Bread       Always moist and sooo addicting !
Memaw's Easy Koch Cheese       The quick, modern way of making it.
Memaw's Molasses Cookies        Mike's favorite growing up.
Memaw's Pecan Bars                  Always put in that square, red tin.
Memaw's Rice and Okra             A true 'country classic'.
Papaw's Mulligan Stew                Simmered a long time on low heat.

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