Why TexMex ? One purpose and three reasons. The need to fulfill and provide misplaced
Texans, transients, and Texas residents alike with products, spices, and recipes to satisfy
that missing TexMex flavor.

Misplaced Texans being those that are native Texans (even adopted) that have for one
reason or another been forced to live elsewhere for any extended length of time.

And transients in this case defined as those that have passed thru the southern part of
Texas and had the experience of tasting the many unique culinary treasures that come
from the blending of two distinct countries.

And of course for those current Texas residents that enjoy TexMex flavors and traditions
but can's seem to find one source to provide all the goodies needed to prepare TexMex at

If you are finding yourself not fitting 'neatly' into one of the above 3 categories, all I can
say is "Sorry", hopefully your time will come !!  You see, most native Texans are weaned
from the bottle to 'breakfast tacos' and get to enjoy these flavors a full lifetime.  Is there
any choice between a cold bowl of cereal and a potato, bacon, and egg taco (served on a
hot flour tortilla) topped with fresh salsa for breakfast.  A foreigner, especially one that
hails from north or east of the Texas borders, is always 'found out' when the "breakfast
order' is being taken for the morning 'taco run'.  Phrases like "You're gonna eat a taco
this early?" and "Is Taco Bell open this early?" are sure signs of a foreigner.

A transient is one that has had the pleasure of visiting a city South of Dallas but is
depending on a suitcase to serve as their bedroom closet.  U.S. Air Force trainees
that have spent the obligatory 6 weeks of basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio
know what I'm talking about.  And the military family that was transferred to San
Antonio for a short stint knows what I'm talking about.  The person that attended
a convention in San Antonio and ate "Mexican" food on the riverwalk or at the
Market Square knows what I'm talking about.  And most certainly any graduate
from a major University in Texas now working outside the State will know what I'm
talking about.  After getting back 'home', and even telling their friends how good the
'Mexican' food was, they never are able to quinch that missing 'palate satisfaction'
only authentic TexMex can give.  Flavors like the fresh salsa and chips that were served
before your entree arrived.  And the melted cheese mixed with the red chili sauce that
topped those enchiladas made with RED corn tortillas.

The luckiest people on Earth are current Texas residents.  The closer to the border,
the closer to heaven when it comes to getting real TexMex food.  These are the lucky
souls that can satisfy that "spice" deficit within 10 to 15 minutes by jumping in the
family ride and in no time are at a Taco Cabana or a real tortilleria where the fresh
hot tortillas are being packaged as they arrive.  Now, with one source for all their
TexMex needs, the current residents can duplicate those authentic restaurant
specialties at home.  Fresh flour tortillas, salsas for snacking, and those cheesy
enchiladas topped with chili con carne sauce are only an ORDER away.

"Secrets to Cooking TexMex" is not a new concept.  It was actually started in the late
'80's when I founded a company called San Antonio Exports, specializing in shipping a lot
of the same spices sold today to folks throughout the country.  Having just started a new restaurant called The Sandwich Shoppe in Somerset, Texas the Export company took a
back seat to my new venture.  With the fastest growing industry in the 20th century
bringing personal computers and the Internet together, it was time to revive this business
that had been put on the shelf back when.  And as I reflect on the past, I can now see why.
I have concentrated my efforts for the last 10 years in refining and perfecting those
TexMex recipes of the foods that make San Antonio and South Texas special.  There is
no mystery to preparing great TexMex dishes, but there are basics that have to be
learned.  Kind of like the 'ol saying, "Gotta walk before you fall down" or something
like that.

So, in closing, I guess the ultimate reason that TexMex.net and "Secrets to Cooking
TexMex" exist today is for me to share my knowledge and experience of this wonderful,
unique and rapidly expanding 'taste' that is native to South Texas .  With 35 years as a
San Antonio resident, my restaurant background, combined with a true love for cooking
TexMex and knowledge of computers, it is the only natural and logical thing for me to do.