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"Secrets to Cooking TexMex"

Beef Fajitas
This recipe will yield about 8 fajita tacos, enough for 4 people.
Two key secrets here are to marinate overnight and to slice the
cooked fajita ACROSS the grain.
Ingredients: Directions:
Skirt steak is the only meat used in making authentic TexMex fajitas.  Ask your
local grocer, as most all can special order them.  Have the butcher trim the excess
fat and tenderize the skirt steak for you.  Sprinkle the fajita seasoning on both
sides of the shirt steak.  Gently push the seasonings into the meat with the palm
of your hand.

Combine the Italian dressing, 1 cup onion, garlic, and cilantro into a bowl and
whisk to combine well.  Pour into a large container with a ‘locking’ top or a large
(1 gallon) plastic type zip lock bag.  Add the skirt steaks and make sure all areas
of the skirt steak get coated with the marinade.  Cut the skirt steak in half if it
is a long one, which many are.  Marinate the skirt steaks at least 4 hours and
overnight if possible.

When ready to cook the fajitas, first cut the bell pepper and onion into 1/8” strips
and sauté in the olive oil until the onions have become caramelized.  They will turn
a dark brown.  Leave in the frying pan, but turn the heat to low of off.  If the onions
and bell peppers dry out and start to stick, simply add about 1/4 cup of water.

To cook the fajitas, start a mound of charcoal briquettes or heat your ‘lava rock’ grill.
Put the mesquite chips into a bowl and cover with water.  Allow to soak at least 15 minutes.

Remove the fajitas from the marinade.  Drain the water from the mesquite chips
and add the chips to the hot coals which should be red hot and spread out even.
Place the fajitas on the grill and let sear on the first side about 2 minutes.  Turn over
and sear the second side.  Now cover and let cook approximately for 8-10 minutes on
each side.  It will be normal for the skirt steaks to shrink in size while cooking.
The ideal way is to let the fire ‘kiss’ the meat, but not burning it at the same time.
You want a charred finish, but not burnt.

When done, remove the fajitas and turn on the burner holding the sautéed bell pepper
and onion to a medium high heat.  Start by cutting the skirt steak about 3-4 inches.
Cutting across the grain, cut off 1/4” strips and add to the bell peppers and onions
that are hot.  If you are unsure which way the grain runs, here's the answer.
The skirt steak is long to start with, about 12-24 inches.  The grain runs across the
short side, which is generally about 6 inches wide.

Mix the strips well with the onions and bell peppers.  Be sure to add any of the juices
left on the cutting board after slicing.

Serve immediately with hot flour tortillas, pico de gallo, sour cream, iceberg lettuce
sliced thin, picante sauce and guacamole.  Let each guest fix their own fajita.



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